Success stories

"I would tell other people who think they might be suffering from keratoconus to get into see Dr. Lopez and the CKI team as soon as possible! My only regret throughout the process is how long it took me to get started. I would have saved thousands of wasted dollars and countless hours of personal time on living a life with better vision."

— Thomas Grusecki

"I could not have a better doctor for my Eyes than him. I trust everything he says and recommends. Our visits are always lively, and very informative, which makes me feel that he cares about his patients, he is willing to spend the necessary time to ensure the patient understands the situation, what are the next steps, and what would be outcome at the end. I make the 2 hour drive to see him, and do not regret a single second of it."

— Alexis David Tamayo

"My life has been changed forever. I feel more comfortable driving; especially at night. I don't have to lean into the computer screen. I can actually make out the faces of people I am within 4 feet of. My life is full of things that I had previously written off as never going to be possible for me."

— Paul Grusecki

"I am very lucky that Dr Lopez is able to help me see - Thank you."

— Anonymous Submission

"I love working with the entire team at Occhiali because they are very good at helping me... Every since I was fitted with first my contacts, I was very impressed that I was able to see clearer than I have ever seen before."

— Eddie Jacobs

"Dr. Lopez answered all questions we had and took his time to work with us and explain everything. The staff is very friendly."

— Douglas Langley

"Go to CKI immediately."

— Cory Grusecki